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Justin Bean

Author. Executive. Speaker. Advisor.

Intersecting sustainability, tech, and innovation for impact. 

"The global transition to a sustainable, abundant economy is the biggest opportunity of our generation."


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Public Speaking

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Dynamic, inspiring, and informative keynotes that help your audience shift their thinking from waiting for the future to envisioning and building it. 

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The Book

What Could Go Right? 

Designing Our Ideal Future

to Emerge from Continual Crises to a Thriving World.

What Could Go Right is an invitation to ditch cynical narratives about the future. Instead of focusing on either worst-case scenarios or Pollyanna optimism, we can envision our ideal world and empower ourselves with practical approaches to build it.

WINNER: 2023 Book Excellence Award (Sustainability)

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“Read this book if you want the future to be a better place, and you want to be a part of building it.

Shannon Lucas

Bestselling Author, Move Fast. Break Shit. Burn Out. The Catalyst's Guide to Working Well. Co-CEO, Catalyst Constellations. TedX Speaker, Former Ericsson, Cisco, and Vodafone executive.